If there's one word that strikes fear in the heart of anyone responsible for an automated system, it's downtime.

Intermittent signals caused by the inconsistent tightening of threaded connectors can strike at the worst possible time. And when your system goes down, or is plagued by repeated troubleshooting, the clock is ticking away lost revenue and profit. Material can be damaged, machinery is at risk and productivity grinds to a halt.

The solution is the revolutionary Ultra-Lock Connection System.

With one simple push, the unique radial seal design delivers a secure, consistent seal each and every time. There's no under- or over-tightening and no need to turn, twist or even touch the coupler, which makes hard-to-reach connections a snap. And, the Ultra-Lock system is backward-compatible with existing M12 connectors.

Ultra-Lock 圆形工业连接器产品详细介绍>>

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Remarkably simple...and fast!
  • Just “push down” to connect and “pull up”
    to disconnect
  • There’s no twisting or turning like standard
    threaded connectors
  • Installation time is reduced by 90%


Designed specifically to meet plant sanitation requirements for; Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products.
  • IP69K industrial strength seal
  • Highest grade 316 stainless steel hardware
  • 100° C rated overmold and cable jacket material
  • Chemical-resistant EPDM O-ring
  • High-temp engineered plastic contact carrier
  • Standard threaded connectors use an axial compression seal and the integrity of the connection is totally dependent upon the installer. With the Ultra-Lock Connection System, performance and reliability is designed right into the connector! The unique radial seal design provides a reliable, operator independent, IP67/68/69K seal each and every time. There's no chance for under- or over-tightening. When you hear and feel the connector click, you know it's locked in – there's no guesswork.

    Ultra-Lock 8-Pole Connection System

    Control devices like encoders have higher pin counts than proximity sensors. The NEW Ultra-Lock 8-pole connector gives you the versatility of up to 8 connection points for devices such as encoders, resolvers, trainable sensors and instrumentation. These cordsets and receptacles offer the same sure sealing and integrity of the unique Ultra-Lock radial seal and locking mechanism that the industry has grown to expect from BradConnectivity™.